Make sure your employees don’t do these when they take office computers home!
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Viruses aren’t the only threat to a computer’s health. Bad habits can also deteriorate your devices in the workplace. Here's a haiku about it!

My computer slows.
I protect it from malware
But not coffee spills.

Even though it might be easy to monitor employee habits at the workplace, what about when your team members take office equipment home? These three common habits can lead to a busted office laptop:

  1. Smoking. Dust and tar can build up inside your computers or devices. Eventually, that buildup can cause the CPU to overheat and fail. Smoking may also void the computer warranty, so you won’t be able to get your money back, either.
  2. Eating and drinking at the computer. You knew this one was coming. Crumbs, oils, sticky spills, and germs can build up on the device, potentially gumming up the keys. Eating and drinking in front of a distraction also increases the risk of overeating and dramatically increases exposure to germs.
  3. Experimenting with apps and programs. Employees may load the unit with unnecessary local files, download “shadow IT” solutions that are not sanctioned by the company, or engage in unauthorized internet behaviors during daily use. This not only damages computer efficiency, it may represent a security risk.

Learn more about how to prevent employee habits from damaging your business technology by reading this article from our blog!

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Gadget of the Month: Livescribe Echo Smartpen

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