Well buckle up, because we wrote a haiku in honor of our new look!
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Our website has changed,

Just like a caterpillar:


Ok, that was a little much. But we’re just so excited to show off our fresh, brand new website that we thought we’d express our feelings through the art of poetry! And we’ve been waiting to use the word “pulchritudinous” since we learned it last week.

The new Pendello Solutions website went through a complete metamorphosis and launched on February 29 with a new look, a simplified layout, and and updated blog. We hope you enjoy the upgraded aesthetic and enhanced ease-of-use.

Ease-of-use isn’t just an important attribute for our website — simplified processes translate into streamlined operations, and therefore, higher efficiency. So while we’re making our website easier to navigate, we thought we’d offer a few ways you can make your own business technologies easier to use.

3 ways technology can help your business operate with ease

1. Better organization with project management software

Keep track of company tasks, employee progress, and outsourced contractors with project management software programs like BaseCamp or Asana. These tools make it much easier for you to keep track of assigned tasks and which employees are responsible for specific pieces of work. But if your convoluted system of color-coordinated sticky notes works just fine for you, then that’s fine too.

2. Business from the cloud

Cloud storage services such as Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive can hold your important business data and documents online instead of storing them on local servers. The cloud keeps your information protected while simultaneously making data available from anywhere you or your employees can access the internet. Not only will cloud services allow you to reduce hardware, maintenance, and electricity costs, but the increased availability of your business data will simplify operations. Plus, your employees will be able to work from home when they’re sick, so you won’t catch pneumonia from Janice in accounting again.

3. Instant payment anywhere, anytime

If your business makes house calls or serves customers on the go (at trade shows or events, for example), you might need a simple, portable way to make payment transactions from anywhere in the world. But like, besides cash. Mobile payment applications such as Venmo, Square, or Intuit GoPayment allow customers to make payments using their smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices. Credit transactions are fast, reliable, and easy.

Are your business technologies becoming difficult to operate? Are your network systems slowing down? Contact Pendello Solutions today for a free technology discovery dialogue! Pendello Solutions can detect hidden issues before they turn into bigger, more disastrous problems that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and IT repair bills.

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