So simple, in fact, that most companies overlook them.
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Simple measures any business can take to improve their IT

A few new business trends could have a huge effect on the number of IT team members that a business needs to hire. If you’re part of one of those small businesses managing its own IT, take a look at these simple measures you can take to improve your IT efforts:

  • Train employees in data loss prevention

Did you know that the number-one cause for data loss among all business sizes was human error? Understandable. Humans are far more clumsy and careless than most creatures. Have you seen how agile and majestic most cats are?

To mitigate these issues, businesses should provide essential data loss prevention training that educates employees on the consequences of data loss.

  • Implement ticketing with priority levels

Many businesses still handle all of their IT issues exclusively through email. While this might be comfortable for businesses that have done it for years, email doesn’t allow for efficient categorizing, delegating, and prioritizing IT support requests. An IT ticketing system can improve efficiency and help your team to prioritize tasks.

Do you want to learn more simple measures your business can take to improve its IT functionality? I suppose you could always read the rest of the article on our blog. But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution to your IT woes, contact Pendello Solutions for schedule a free technology discovery dialogue today!

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Referral reward: SolPro Helios SMART solar USB charger

After 90 minutes in direct sunlight, most vampires will wither to a mere pile of ash, but this solar charger will have gathered enough “sun juice,” as scientists call it, to fully recharge a dead cell phone. Fully energized, the Helios SMART solar USB charger can completely power your phone three times. There are two USB ports, and the Helios SMART charger can power your phone as it photosynthesizes, so to speak. That is, even if the Helios SMART charger is at zero power, it can still draw from the energy of the universe so that you can tweet something mean about a celebrity you don’t like! The device usually retails for around $99, but you can have one for free if you refer a client to Pendello this month!

Don’t fear the crash – business-specific online backup services

In today’s digital world, companies must proactively prepare for technical difficulties. Hard drives crash, systems get hacked, natural disasters destroy equipment, and software malfunctions. And you know today won’t be the last time Ian from account services spills his chai latte on your external hard drive. To combat these unexpected problems, businesses invest in an increasing array of remote backup services. Cloud backup services offer scalability, added security in the event of a physical disaster, and full support.

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Why increased risk for financial data makes managed hosting essential







Financial data carries certain risks that are not present with other types of data. Businesses that store sensitive financial data themselves are often the target of cyber-attacks — and when we say “cyber-attacks,” we don’t mean online insults.

In some cases, businesses may not even realize they have been targeted until the attack is over and the damage has been done, leaving the business a shell of its former self.

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