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How to keep a computer clean by deterring malware

Pendello Solutions can certainly help keep your devices and networks clean, but if you'd like to learn a few simple steps you can take to improve virus and malware protection, read on!

1. Use real time anti spyware protection

Find spyware protection software that focuses exclusively on spyware threats, and offers real-time protection against adware and spyware infections.

2. Keep applications current, run daily scans

Having security applications installed on your machines won’t do you any good if they are not updated.

3. Be careful when clicking links or attachments in emails

Training your team to be wary of strange links is a good policy that limits risk. 

Do you want to learn more simple measures your business can take to keep devices clean? You could always read the rest of the article on our blog.

But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution to your IT woes, contact Pendello Solutions for schedule a free technology discovery dialogue today!

  Do your employees need training on how to keep their devices clean?



Referral reward: Wocket Smart Wallet

download.jpegSo like… Imagine if your wallet didn’t just hold your credit cards and your cash, but rather your wallet was your credit cards and your cash. The Wocket Smart Wallet eliminates the need to carry multiple credit cards (or really any cards, for that matter) by storing your credit information electronically.

Swipe all your cards directly into Wocket using the included card reader. Plus, all this information is perfectly secure in a tamper-proof chip, protected by your unique biometric voice print. Wocket sells for a retail price of $179, but we’ll buy you one for free if you refer a client to Pendello Solutions this month! 

4 simple email security tips to teach your teams

Email security is essential for keeping networks and sensitive business data safe. According to the Radicati Group, there are more than 200 billion emails sent every day, and only about nine percent of those are pictures from my mom of my one-year-old nephew. Email has become the defacto method for transmitting business information, supplanting all other methods for communication, including passive aggressive memos. Unfortunately, many companies don’t place enough focus on email security and end up paying the price.

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How can a virtual help desk help my business?

As the tech needs of companies have grown so rapidly in recent years, the need for IT help desk support has naturally grown with it. Have you found that your business has lost productivity and been weighed down by IT issues? Or has your business somehow lost weight and gained productivity like some sort of strange exercise robot who found his motivation? Probably, the former is what we’re guessing.

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