Like for instance, you can elevate your router. And find the WiFi sweetspot for your office.
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Sup, Sir and/or Madam?

Does your office WiFi have a weak signal strength? Is your connection frequently interrupted? Are you suffering from chronic fatigue and joint pain?

Well, we can help with the first two, anyway.

A lot of people don’t realize that the position and placement of your router can affect your WiFi signal dramatically. Put your router in a central, elevated location.

Secondly, place your workstations in WiFi sweetspots around your office. You can test for these sweetspots using mobile apps such as “Wi-Fi Sweetspots.”

For more information on how to optimize your office WiFi, check out this amazing and hilarious article we wrote all by ourselves without any plagiarism involved! And maybe see a doctor about that joint pain.


Refer & Be Rewarded: Inissia Nespresso Machine

Refer a client to Pendello and receive a free Inissia Nespresso coffee maker

Pendello Solutions, we know a lot about how to make your office more productive. Whether it’s improving your WiFi capabilities, upgrading your devices, or protecting your data, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. But if we had to recommend just one item to significantly boost your office’s overall productivity, there’s one clear choice: Coffee.

The Inissia Nespresso Machine, paired with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother, can make cappuccinos and lattes in a matter of seconds for a sweet, delicious caffeine fix. The bundle normally retails for $199, but it can be yours for free if you refer a new client to Pendello Solutions this month!

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4 powerful IT management tools and resources for small business owners

Tools and resources for IT management.

Managing your company’s IT can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re piloting solo, so to speak. But as 15 time NBA All-Star, Kevin Garnett would say, “anything’s possible” with the right preparation and education. Not to mention, your good friends at Pendello Solutions are always here to help you out!

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Will Internet of Things put your business at risk? 

the Internet of Things poses a liability risk.

Did we mention that the term “Internet of Things” is super lame? Yes. It sounds like a placeholder term that someone used temporarily during development, but never got around to actually renaming, and by the time the project was finished it was sort of too late, so everyone just shrugged their shoulders and rolled with it. It’s kind of like what happened with Nintendo’s design for the Kirby character, except it was the opposite of awesome and adorable.

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